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martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Club Play Nº 45 (OCT 2006)

(T) Ape Escape Academy
(P) Battle Stadium Don
(T) Command & Conquer
(GS) Digimon 3
(T) Driver Parallel Lines
(P) FIFA '07
(T) Flat Out 2
(T) Formula 1 '06
(P) God Hand
(E)(T) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
(T) Gran Tyrismo 4
(T) Madden '07
(P) Medal of Honor Airborne
(T) Mission: Impossible
(T) Naruto: The Ultimate Ninja
(T) Need for Speed 3: Hot Porsuit
(E) Quake II
(P) Ridge Racers 2
(P) Sengoku Basara 2
(PI) Sensible Soccer 2006
(P) Sims 2: Mascotas
(P) Singstars Anthems
(PI) Super Dragon Ball Z
(T) Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
(E) The Godfather
(P) The King of Fighters XI
(GS) TOCA World Touring Cars
(E) Tomb Raider Legend
(GS) Tomba!
(T) Triple Play 2001
(T) Ultimate Ske Surfer
(GS) Urban Chaos
(T) Urban Chaos Riot Response
(T) Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
(P) Veggietales: "Larry and the Bad Apple"
(PI) World Racing 2
(T) Worm Armageddon
(P) Yacuza
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monster Coliseum

Club Play Nº 21 (JUL 2004)

(T) 007: Everythin of Nothing
(I) Ace Combat 5: The Usung War
(T) Armored DCore: Master of Arena
(I) Bloodrayne 2
(OC) Cardinal Syn
(I) Colin McRae 2005
(I) Cowboy Bebop
(I) Crash Burn
(I) Crash Twinsanity
(I) Destroy All Humans!
(I) Devil May Cry 3
(I) Driver 3
(T) Enter the Matrix
(I) Fifa Soccer 2005
(I) Fight Club
(E) Final Fantasy
(I) Final Fantasy XI: Chain of Promathia
(I) Final Fantasy XII
(I) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
(I) Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
(I) Gran Turismo 4
(I) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
(I) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
(I) Hot Shot Golffore!
(I) Jak 3
(I) Killzone
(OC) Jurassic Park
(OC) Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King
(I) Madden NFI 2005
(T) Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
(T) Mega Man 2 Legends
(T) Mea Man X8
(I) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
(T) Mission: Impossible Operation Surma
(I) Mortal Kombat: Deception
(I) Musashi Samurai Legend
(OC) NHL 2003
(T) Onimusha 3
(T) Over Blood 2
(I) Playboy: The Mansion
(E) Resident Evil Outbreak
(T) Resident Evil Survivor
(OC) Ridge Racer Type 4
(T) Specs Ops: Ranger Elite
(E) Syphon Filter: Omega Strain
(T) The Suffering
(T) The X-Files: Resist or Serve
(OC) Unlimited Saga
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Duelist of the Roses

Club Play Nº 20 (JUN 2004)

(T) Ape Escape 2
(T) Beyblade
(T) Blade 2
(T) Bomberman World
(E) Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Tamplars
(P) Darkwatch
(OC) Destruction Derby Raw
(OC) Dynasty Warriors 4
(T) Ehrgeiz
(I) Final Fantasy XII
(T) Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure
(P) Kingdom Hearts 2
(T) Megaman X7
(E) Onimusha 3: Demon Siege
(T) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
(E) Resident Evil Outbreak
(OC) Shadowman
(T) Speed Punks
(T) Spy Hynter 2
(T) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
(OC) The Suffering
(OC) The X-Giles: Resist of Serve
(T) Tony Hawk's Underground
(OC) Warhammer Dark Omen
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Duelist of the Roses

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Club Play Nº 18 (ABR 2004)

(OC) Blood Rayne
(OC) Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time
(E) Castlevania: Symphony of th Night
(T) Dance, Dance Revolution 4th MIX
(OC) Darkstone
(I) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(T) Freedom Fighters
(T) Frenzy!
(OC) Hot Shots Golf 3
(E) Martian Gothic: Unification
(T) Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
(T) Max Surfing 2000
(T) Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
(T) Need for Speed Underground
(T) Silent Hill 3
(OC) Sim City 2000
(T) Spiderman: The Movie
(T) SSK 3
(T) Star Trek: Invasion
(T) Teenage Mutant Ninja Tyrtles
(E) The Lorg of the Rings: The Return of the King
(T) Thrasher Skate and Destroy
(T) Tony Hawk's Underground
(T) Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories

viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Club Playstation Nº 33 (SEP 2001) Incompleta

(le faltan 4 carillas, no sé si tenía poster este número de la revista)

(OC) Assault Retribution
(T) Actua Soccer 3
(T) Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2
(GS) Atlantis: The Lost Empire
(T) Bust-A-Groove
(T) Chrono Cross
(T) Countdown Vampires
(OC) Dave Mirra BMX Freestyle 2 (PS2)
(D) Devil Man
(D) Dino Crisis
(D) Dino Crisis 2
(E) Drácula II: El Último Santuario
(D) Final Fantasy VIII
(S) Final Fantasy IX
(E) Dran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2)
(T) Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix Append
(GS) Hot Shots Golf 2
(D) Legend of Dragoon
(OC) Lego Island 2 The Brickster's Revenge
(T) at Hoffman's Pro BMX
(GS) Medal of Honor: Underground
(T) Muppet Race Mania
(T) O.D.T.
(OC) Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2)
(OC) Rune: Vikings Warlords (PS2)
(T) Silent Hill
(OC) Smurt Racer
(E) Spyro: The Year of The Dragon
(D) The Granstream Sga
(T) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
(GS) Vagrant Story
(T) World's Scariest Police Chases

Club Playstation Nº 30 (JUN 2001) Incompleta

(le faltan 2 carillas, parece que no tenía poster este número de la revista)

(D) 007: The World is not enought
(OC) 4x4 Evolution
(T) Actua Soccer 3
(E) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
(OC) Army Men Green Rogue
(T) Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2
(D) Batman: Gothan City Racer
(OC) California Wathersports
(D) Constructor
(D) Crash Bash
(E) Digimon World 2
(GS) (T) Dune 2000
(T) Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix
(GS) Front Missions 3
(D) Gekido
(T) Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix Append
(T) Hot Shot Golf 2
(D) Jet Moto 3
(T) LMA Manager 2001
(T) Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
(T) Metal Gear Solid
(T) Moho
(D) Mortal Kombat Trilogy
(E) Onimusha Warlords (PS2)
(D) Rayman
(D) Resident Evil 2
(OC) Ring of Red
(D) Road Rash 3D
(OC) Sarbina, the Teenage Witch: A Twintch in Time
(T) Side Pocket 3
(D) Simcity 2000
(T) Spec Ops: Ranger Elite
(D) Spiderman
(OC) Submarine Commander
(T) The Mummy
(T) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
(S) Tomb Raider Chronicles
(D) Twisted Metal 3
(GS) Wild Arms 2nd Ignition

Club Playstation Nº 29 (MAY 2001) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(D) 007: The World is not enought
(T) (GS) Allen Resurrection
(T) Actua Soccer 3
(D) Countdown Vampires
(E) Digimon World 2
(T) Dragon Ball: Final Bout
(D) (S) Driver 2
(T) (GS) Evil Zone
(D) Fight' Force 2
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(T) Frogger 2 Swampy Revenge
(T) GTA 2
(OC) MDK2 Armaggedon
(D) Resident Evil
(D) Rockman 8 (versión japonesa)
(D) Silent Hill
(T) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon
(OC) Summoner 
(OC) Super Burst-A-Move
(D) Syphon Filter
(OC) T.J.Lavin's Ultimate BMX
(E) T.R.A.G.
(D) Tenchu
(T) The Mummy
(T) (OC) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
(D) Tomb Raider
(T) (S) Tomb Raider Chronicles
(T) Urban Chaos
(GS) Valkyrie Profile
(OC) Virtual Kasparov
(T) Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

Club Playstation Nº 28 (ABR 2001) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y 6 carillas más)

(GS) Army Men World War: Final Front
(OC) Army Men World War: Land, Sea, Air
(T) Big Air
(T) Bomberman World
(E) Broken Sworld 2
(T) Colin Macrae Rally 2.0
(T) Contra: Legacy f War
(T) Cool Boarders 2001
(D) Countdown Vampires
(T) Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
(D) Drácula Resurrection
(D) Driver
(D) Driver 2
(OC) Driver Emotion
(GS) Evil Dead, Hail to the King
(T) Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix
(D) Fightin' Force
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(T) Frogger 2: Swampy Reveange
(T) Gauntlet Legends
(T) Medal of Honor Underground
(GS) Pocket Fighter
(OC) RC Revenge
(D) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
(OC) Simpson Wrestling
(GS) Speed Punks
(T) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon
(D) Syphon Filter 2
(D) Tekken 3
(OC) The Bouncer
(OC) Time Crisis: Project Titan
(T) Tomba
(D) Tomb Raider
(D) Tomb Raider II
(D) Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
(E) Winning Eleven 2000

Club Playstation Nº 27 (ABR 2001) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(GS) Alien Resurrection
(OC) Army Men World War: Final Front
(GS) Batman Beyond: Return of Th Joker
(T) Blade
(T) Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle 22
(T) Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes
(E) Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(A) Grand Theft Auto 3
(GS) Grind Session
(T) Guitar Freaks
(T) Jackie Chan Stuntmaster
(OC) Kengo: Master of Bushido
(T) Looney Tunes Space Race
(T) Medal of Honor Underground
(D) Raystorm
(T) Resident Evil Survivor
(D) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
(T) Spiderman
(T) Star Wars Demolition
(OC) Straider Hiryu
(OC) Straider Hiryu 2
(E) The City of The Lost Children
(S) Tomb Raider
(T) Tomb Raider Chronicles
(OC) Toy Story Racer
(D) Vangrant Story
(OC) Vanishing Point
(T) Vigilante 8 2nd Offense

Club Playstation Nº 24 (DIC 2000) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Alien Resurrection 
(GS) Bomberman Fantasy Race
(E) Chrono Cross
(T) Danger Girl
(T) Dave Mirra BMX
(E) Driver 2
(T) Eagleone Harrier Attack
(E) Metal Slug
(T) NCAA Football 2001
(T) NCAA Game Breaker 2001
(GS) Star Trek: Invasion
(T) Street Fighter Plus
(T) Sydney 2000
(GS) Tenchu 2
(T) Toca World Touring Car
(T) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
(GS) X-Men Mutant Academy

Club Playstation Nº 20 (SEP 2000) Incompleta

(le faltan como 8 carillas, incluyendo la portada, quizás alguien la tenga de a pedazos también y le interese intercambiar así la tenemos completa ambos)

(T) 3 Xtreme
(E) Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn
(T) Destruction Derby 2
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(T) Final Fantasy VIII
(T) Hogs of War
(T) NFL Game Day 2000
(T) NHL: Blade of Steel 2000
(E) Nightmare Creatures 2
(T) Porsche Challenge
(T) RC Racer
(E) Resident Evil 2
(T) Speed Racer
(T) Striker Pro 2000
(T) Tenchu 2
(T) Test Drive 5
(T) Theme Park
(T) Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal
(T) X-Men Mutant Academy

Club Playstation Nº 18 (JUL 2000) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Asteroids
(T) Command & Conquer
(T) Crash Team Racing
(GS) Dune 2000
(GS) FIFA 2000
(T) Final Fantasy VIII
(E) Hot Shots Golf 2
(T) (GS) The King of Fighters '99
(T) NBA Live 2000
(GS) Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unreashed
(T) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
(T) Nightmare Creatures 2
(E) Resident Evil
(GS) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
(T) Road & Track: The Need for Speed
(T) Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles
(E) Street Fighter EX2 Plus
(T) Tenchu: Shinobi-Hyakusen
(T) The Smurfs
(T) Trick'n Snowboarders
(T) Urban Chaos
(T) Need for Speed 
(E) Vagrant Story
(T) War Craft: The Dark Saga 2
(T) WCW Mayhum
(T) Wining Eleven 4
(T) Worms Armageddon

Club Playstation Nº 17 (JUN 2000) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Armored Core Master of Arena
(T) Battle Arena Toshinden
(T) Boom Bots
(T) Ciber Tiger
(T) Colin McRae Rally
(T) Cool Boarders 4
(T) Die Hard Trilogy
(T) Dune 2000
(T) Final Fantasy VIII
(T) Formula 1 '99
(T) Saban's Iznogoud
(T) Killer Loop
(T) Le Mans 24 Hours
(T) Lego Racers
(E) Medievil 2
(T) MLB 2001
(T) Nascar 2000
(GS) Nascar Rumble
(T) NBA Shootout 2000
(T) NBA Showtime: NBS on NBC
(T) NHL 2000
(E) Parasite Eve 2
(GS) Rainbow Six
(GS) Road Rash Jailbreak
(T) Shadow Gunner Te Bobot Wars
(T) Sled Storm
(T) Small Soldiers
(T) Spyro Ripto's Rage
(T) Star Wars: The Phanton Menace
(E) Street Fighter EX2 Plus
(T) Supercross 2000
(T) Tai Fu
(T) Test Drive: Off Road 3
(T) The Fifth Element
(T) Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
(T) Toy Story 2
(GS) Vigilante 8 2nd Offense
(T) Winning Eleven 4

Club Playstation Nº 16 (MAY 2000) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Apocalypse
(T) Bust-A-Groove
(T) Blast Radius
(T) Bomberman World
(T) Cardinal SYN
(T) Castlevania
(GS) Crash Bandicoot: Warped
(T) Croc 2
(T) Demolition Racer
(T) Destrega
(GS) Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
(T) Fear Effect
(T) Final Fantasy VIII
(T) Forsaken
(E) Galerians
(GS) Medievil
(T) Monkey Hero
(T) Nascar Rumble
(T) Need for Speed 3
(T) Parasite Eve
(E) Parasite Eve 2
(T) Pocket Fighter
(T) Ranma 1/2: Battle Renaissance
(T) Re-Volt
(GS) Rival School: United by Fate
(GS) S.C.A.R.S.
(T) Space Jam
(E) Spyro Ripto's Rage
(T) Street Sk8er 2
(T) Syphon Filter 2
(T) Theme Hospital
(T) Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal
(T) Winning Eleven 4

Club Playstation Nº 13 (FEB 2000) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(GS) Ace Combat 2
(T) Army Men Air Attack
(T) Doom
(T) Excalibur 2555 A.D.
(GS) Fantastic Four
(GS) Felony 11-79
(T) Fighting Force 2
(T) Final Fantasy VIII
(T) GTA2
(T) Hot Wheels Tyrbo Racing
(T) Kagero: Deception
(T) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
(GS) Marvel Super Heroes
(E) Medal of Honor
(T) Micro Machines
(T) Need for Speed High Stakes
(T) NFL Gameday 2000
(GS) Omega Boost
(T) South Park
(T) Star Wars: The Phanton Menace
(T) Street Fighter Alpha 3
(T) Street Sk8er
(T) Test Driver 6
(E) Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
(T) Wipeout 3

Club Playstation Nº 11 Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Ape Escape
(GS) Army Men 3D
(GS) Battle Arena Toshinden 3
(T) Bus-A-Move '99
(GS) Championship Motocross
(T) Civilization 2
(T) Crash Bandicoot
(T) Crash Bandicoot 2
(GS) Crash Bandicoot: Warped
(E) Crash Team Racing
(T) Dark Forces
(GS) (T) Dino Crisis
(T) Dragon Ball GT
(T) Fellony 11-79
(E) Final Fantasy VIII
(T) Fisherman's Bait
(GS) Grand Theft Auto
(T) Independence Day
(T) Krazy Ivan
(GS) Need for Speed: High Stakes
(T) Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
(E) Parasite Eve
(T) Rayman
(E) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
(T) Rogue Trip
(T) Rushdown
(GS) South Park
(T) Spyro The Dragon
(GS) Syphon Filter
(T) Time Crisis
(GS) Xenogears

Club Playstation Nº 3 (MAR 1999) Incompleta

(le falta el poster y las 2 carillas de atrás del poster)

(T) Area 51
(T) Bubsy 3D
(T) Cart World Series
(T) Future Cop L.A.P.D.
(T) Johnny Bazookatone
(T) Machine Hunter
(T) Marvel Super Heroes
(T) Metal Gear Solid
(T) MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero
(T) NCAA Gamebreaker
(T) Need for Speed
(T) Nuclear Strike
(T) Primal Rage
(T) Pro Pinball
(E) Resident Evil 2
(T) Resident Evil: Director's Cut
(T) Rival Schools: United by Fate
(T) Robo It
(T) Roll Away
(E) Spyro The Dragon
(T) Star Gladiator
(T) Steel Harbinger
(E) Syphon Filter
(T) Tempest x 3
(T) Tenchu
(T) Tomb Raider 2
(E) Tomb Raider 3
(E) Twisted Metal 3

Club Play Nº 87 (AGO 2011)

(le faltan 2 carillas)

(P) Assassin's Creed Revelations
(I) Bionnic Commando Rearmed 2
(R) BlazeBlue: Continuum Shift II
(I) Captain Tsubasa
(E) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
(R) Catherine
(T) Commandos2
(E) Crysis 2
(E) Demon's Souls
(PI) Dynasty Warriors 3
(R) Duke Nukem Forever
(R) Dungeon Siege III
(P) Dynasty Warriors Vita
(I) Final Fight: Double Impact
(T) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
(R) Infamous
(I) Killzone 3
(E) Kingdom Hearts
(R) LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean: The Video Game
(P) Need for Speed: The Run
(P) Persona 2: Innocent Sin
(P) Rage
(E) Shadows Hearts: Covenant
(R) Shadows of the Damned
(I) Swords of Destiny
(R) Transformers: Dark of The Moon
(PI) Trap
(P) Uncharted: Golden Abyss

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Club Play Nº 68 (AGO 2009)

(OC) Hack/Outbreak
(P) Army of Two: The 40th Days
(P) Batman: Arkham Asylum
(T) Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
(PI) Call of Huarez: Bound in Blood
(PI) Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars
(R) Class of Heroes
(R) Crimson Gem Saga
(P) Dante's Inferno
(I) Dark Cloud 2
(T) Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure
(P) Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
(PI) Dynasty Warrior 6 Empires
(T) Evil Twin
(PI) Fight Night Round 4
(I) Final Fantasy IX
(R) Ghostbusters
(I) Guitar Gero 5
(PI) Guitar Gero Smash Hits
(PI) Gunstar Geroes
(R) (I) HARRY Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
(OC) Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland
(OC) Harley Birdman: Attorney at Law
(PI) Heavy Weapon
(PI) Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
(E) Ico
(PI) Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings
(P) Interstellar Marines
(T) Legion The Legend of Excalibur
(E) Lego Batman: The Videogame
(OC) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots
(T) Nascar Rumble
(T) Nascar Thunder 2002
(T) NBA Live 2000
(T) NBA Live 2003
(T) NBA Shoot Out
(T) NBA Shoot Out 2000
(T) NBA: Showtime NBA On NBC
(T) NCAA Football '98
(T) NCAA Football 2000
(T) NCAA Football 2001
(T) NCCA Gamebreaker
(E) Okami
(PI) Overlord
(T) Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
(T) Reign of Fire
(I) Scaler
(PI) Secret Agent Clank
(E) Shadow Hearts
(OC) Soul Calibur 4
(P) Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny
(T) Star Wars: Battlefront 2
(OC) The Historyu Channel: Civil War: A Nation Divided
(t) Thrillville
(PI) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
(E) Uncharted Drake's Fortune
(PI) Up
(T) Virtua Tennis: World Tour
(PI) Virtua Tennis 2009
(PI) Wipeout Pulse

Club Play Nº 67 (JUL 2009)

(OC) Hack/Mutation
(R) Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II
(T) Artic Thunder
(P) Assassin's Creed II
(P) Bionic Commando
(T) Blade 2
(OC) Cabela's African Safari
(T) Capcom vs SNK 2
(P) DJ Hero
(T) Dragon Ball: Evolution
(R) DT Carnage
(R) Dynastu Warriors: Strikeforce
(T) Ghost Rider
(P) In Famous
(E) Lego Batman
(P) Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
(PI) Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
(T) Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The Imperfects
(P) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
(T) Monster Rancher 2
(T) Monsters Inc.
(T) Mortal Kombat 4
(E) Mortal Kombat Deception
(T) Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
(T) Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
(T) Mortal Kombat Trilogy
(T) Muppet Race Mania
(T) MX Superfly
(T) N20
(T) Namco Museum Classic Vol.1
(T) Namco Museum Classic Vol.4
(T) Nanotek Warrior
(T) Nascar 99
(T) Nascar 2000
(T) Nascar 2001
(OC) Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection
(P) Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe
(PI) Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
(T) Rampage: Total Destruction
(P) Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
(T) Red Faction 2
(PI) Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
(E) Shadow Hearts
(I) Shadow og Rome
(P) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 Raindow Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon
(T) Silent Hill: Origins
(P) Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes
(P) Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament
(OC) Syberia
(PI) Terminator Salvation
(PI) Texas Cheat'Em
(P) The Beatles: rOCK bAND
(I) Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
(PI) UFC 2009 Ungisputed
(E) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
(PI) X-Men Origins Wolverine
(PI) Zen Pinball

Club Play Nº 48 (FEB 2007)

(P) Arthur and The Invisibles
(P) Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
(P) Brooktown Senior Year
(E) Bully
(P) Chili Con Carnage
(T) Command & Conquer
(P) Dawn of Mana
(T) Destroy All Humans! 2
(E) Final Fantasy X
(OC) Ghosthunter
(T) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
(OC) Guitar Hero 2
(P) Harry Potter y La Orden del Feniz
(P) Heavenly Sword
(T) Jaws Unleashed
(P) Knights of The Temple II
(P) Lair
(T) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
(T) Mission: Imposible
(T) (E) Mortal Kombat Armageddon
(E) Need for Speed Carbon
(P) Over The Hedge
(P) Persona 3
(OC) Splinter Cell: Double Agent
(P) Steel Horizon
(OC) Street Fighter Alpja Antology
(T) The Da Vinci Code
(P) The Darkness
(P) The Lord of The Rings: The White Council
(PI) The Red Star
(T) Thunder Strike
(P) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
(P) Valhalla Kinghts
(I) Winning Eleven 2007
(E) Youtube

Club Play Nº3 (NOV 2002)

(OC) Blade (PS2)
(GS) Capcom vs. SNK Pro
(T) Devil May Cry 2 (PS2)
(OC) Disney´s Lilo & Stich
(T) FIFA 2002
(T) G-Police: Weapons of Justice
(GS) Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2)
(E) Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)
(GS) Half Life (PS2)
(GS) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s Stone
(OC) Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
(GS) Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete
(GS) Macross VF-X 2
(T) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX
(OC) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX 2 (PS2)
(E) Megaman X6
(T) Men in Black Crashdown
(T) Parasite Eve 2
(T) Pocket Fighter
(OC) Sega Sport Tennis (PS2)
(OC) Silent Bomber
(T) Spawn
(E) Spiderman 2
(E) Stuart Little 2
(T) Syphon Filter 2
(T) Tales of Destiny 2
(T) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 3
(T) World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002

Club Play Nº2 (OCT 2002)

(T) 007 Racing
(T) Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
(T) Anna Kournikova´s Smash Court Tennis
(GS) Chrono Trigger
(OC) Dark Cloud (PS2)
(E) Delta Force
(T) Dragon Ball Final Bout
(E) Final fantasy IX
(OC) Grandia 2 (PS2)
(OC) Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix & DrumMania 2nd Mix (PS2)
(T) Harry Potter & The Sorcerer´s Stone
(OC) Hot Shots Golf 2
(E) Megaman X6
(E) Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
(GS) Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
(A) Red Faction 2 (PS2)
(OC) Saber Marionette
(T) Tekken 3
(T) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater
(T)(GS) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 3
(T) Twisted Metal 4
(T) Xenogears

Listado General Club Playstation y Club Play (Intercambio)

Creo que la Club Playstation 37 fué la última y luego pasó a llamarse Club Play, si me equivoco, manden carátula.

Las Club Playstation estaban compuestas de 32 páginas hasta la número 14, pero a partir de la número 15 en adelante estaban compuestas de 64 páginas (incluyendo las Club Play).

Club Playstation

Nº 02 (FEB 1999)
Nº 3 (MAR 1999) Incompleta
Nº 04 (ABR 1999)
Nº 05 (JUN 1999)
Nº 11 Incompleta
Nº 12 (ENE 2000)
Nº 13 (FEB 2000) Incompleta
Nº 14 (MAR 2000)
Nº 15 (ABR 2000)
Nº 16 (MAY 2000) Incompleta
Nº 17 (JUN 2000) Incompleta
Nº 18 (JUL 2000) Incompleta
Nº 20 (SEP 2000)  Incompleta
Nº 22 (OCT 2000)
Nº 23 (NOV 2000)
Nº 24 (DIC 2000) Incompleta
Nº 26 (MAR 2001)
Nº 27 (ABR 2001) Incompleta
Nº 28 (ABR 2001) Incompleta
Nº 29 (MAY 2001) Incompleta
Nº 30 (JUN 2001) Incompleta
Nº 31 (JUL 2001)
Nº 33 (SEP 2001) Incompleta
Nº 34 (OCT 2001)
Nº 35 (NOV 2001)
Nº 36 (DIC 2001)
Nº 37 (FEB 2002)

Club Play

Nº 02 (OCT 2002)
Nº 03 (NOV 2002)
Nº 04 (DIC 2002)
Nº 05 (FEB 2003)
Nº 07 (ABR 2003)
Nº 08 (MAY 2003)
Nº 10 (JUL 2003)
Nº 18 (ABR 2004)
Nº 20 (JUN 2004)
Nº 21 (JUL 2004)
Nº 45 (OCT 2006)
Nº 48 (FEB 2007)
Nº 56 (MAR 2008) Incompleta
Nº 57 (ABR 2008)
Nº 58 (JUL 2008)
Nº 59 (AGO 2008)
Nº 62 (DIC 2008)
Nº 63 (FEB 2009)
Nº 67 (JUL 2009)
Nº 68 (AGO 2009)
Nº 87 (AGO 2011)

Club Playstation Nº 37 (FEB 2002)

(GS) Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
(T) Colin MacRae Rally 2.0
(T) Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation
(OC) David Beckham Soccer
(T) Dead Ball Zone
(T) Dino Crisis 2
(GS) Final Fantasy VII
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(IE) Gran Turismo Concept (PS2)
(OC) Half Life (PS2)
(E) Harry Potter and The Sorcerer´s Stone
(OC) Hidden & Dangerous
(OC) Jeremy McGrath´s Supercross World (PS2)
(T) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX
(T) Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
(T) Skull Monkeys
(OC) Soccer America Internacional Cup (PS2)
(T) State of Emergency (PS2)
(A) Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro
(T) Syphon Filter 2
(E) Syphon Filter 3
(E) The Bouncer (PS2)
(T) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 3
(OC) Twisted Metal Small Brawl
(T) Winning Eleven 3 Final Version
(OC) Worms Armageddon
(T) X-Men Mutant Academy 2

Club Playstation Nº 36 (DIC 2001)

(T) Ape Escape
(OC) Capcom vs, SNK 2
(GS) Disney´s Aladdin in Nasira´s Revenge
(GS)(OC) FIFA Soccer 2002 MLS
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(T) Gauntlet Legends
(T) Kagero Deception II
(E) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaven
(T) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX
(OC) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)
(T) Mortal Kombat 4
(GS) Nascar Thunder 2002
(T) Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
(T) Rampage: Through Time
(GS) Saga Frontier 2
(OC) Soldier of Fortune (PS2)
(T) Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro
(T) Tenchu 2: Birrth of the Stealth Assassins
(OC) The Powerpuff Girls
(T) The Simpsons Wrestling
(T) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 2
(E)(OC) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 3
(T) Worms
(GS)(E) X-Men Metant Academy 2

Club Playstation Nº 35 (NOV 2001)

(GS) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
(T) Army Men: Sarge´s Heroes 2
(T) Assault Retibution
(T) Colin Mac Rae Rally 2.0
(OC) Commandos 2: Men of Courage
(T) Dragon Ball Final Bout
(T) Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix
(T) Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (PS2)
(T) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaven
(GS) Legend of Dragoon
(GS) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX
(GS) Metal Slug X
(T) Mortal Kombat 4
(T) Rampage 2 Universal Tour
(OC) Scooby-Doo and The Cyberchase
(E)(OC) Silen Gill 2 (PS2)
(E)(OC) Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro
(GS) Spyro: Year of The Dragon
(OC) Syphon Filter 3
(T) The Simpson Wrestling
(T) Twisted Metal: Black (PS2)
(OC) Unreal Tournament
(T) Urban Chaos

Club Playstation Nº 34 (OCT 2001)

(T) Army Men: Sarge´s Heroes 2
(T) Cool Boarders 3
(OC) Final Fantasy VII
(E) Final Fantasy IX
(OC) Klonoa 2 Lunatea´s Veil (PS2)
(T) Le Mans 24 Hours
(T) Mat Hoffman´s Pro BMX
(E)(GS) Metal Gear Solid
(E) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)
(T) Mortal Kombat Special Forces
(T) Muppet Race Mania
(OC) Red Faction (PS2)
(E) Spyro: The Year of The Dragon
(T) Syphon Filter 2
(OC) The Legend of Dragoon
(T) The Simpsons Wrestling
(T) Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater
(T) Twisted Metal: Black (PS2)
(T) Warcraft: The Dark Saga II
(T) World´s Scariest Police Chases
(OC) X-Men Mutant Academy 2
(OC) Zone of The Enders (PS2)